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Once again i lured our male readership in this with promise of free sexy ladies and i can’t help but wonder how many times you will fall for this before you realise we are not an escort service and these women are way out of your league.

Anyway moving on, we’ve done it. We set out to create a Jingle Bells app and it is now complete, so i thought i would briefly collect all of the links together for all 6 parts of the tutorial and publish one final post in the series with links to each part.

Part 1: Planning

We covered the designing and interface of the app and planned how we would code each stage. Probably the least exciting part of the entire tutorial series but a very important one. It’s a lot like tipping a cow, if you rush in there without thinking or planning you will end up either getting kicked or the cow will run away. However if you plan it correctly you could sneak in there and tip cows left right and centre without any issue. Planning.

Check out “Part 1″

Part 2: Coding The Shake Gesture

Here we started the coding of project and began by putting together the coding of the shake gesture in the tutorial. At this point we had an app that you could shake but it was about as much use as tipping a dead cow, it’s not very exciting.

Check out “Part 2″

Part 3: Coding The Sound + Vibration

We have already snuck up on the cow, we’re ready with our arms extended waiting to tip the dairy queen over. In this tutorial we cover the coding of the sound and implement the sound playing when the device is shaken. Now we have an app the equivalent of actually tipping a cow, hearing the mooing but being unable to see your work because it’s too dark.

Check out “Part 3″

Part 4: Coding The Background Change

Here we will begin the visual feedback of the app, or in the cow tipping case the actually seeing of the tipped over cow. In this tutorial we code the background to change colour when the device is shaken. At this point we have everything complete in the app which is rather cool i must admit.

Check out “Part 4″

Bonus: Tidbits

Today we published the very final part of the app tutorial series, we covered the cleaning up of the app and making sure that everything works super smoothly and all the bits we need to do in order to submit are ready. In the cow tipping scenario this is the equivalent of knowing where the gate is so you can escape and being able to escape cleanly before the farmer comes out and takes you hostage.

Check out the “Bonus”

Download The App

As we previously announced you can download the iJingle app which is exactly what we have been creating throughout this tutorial and will allow you to check the working app on your device without having to actually invest any time in creating your own.

Think of this as buying a DVD after tipping the cow, of you tipping the cow, you can look back on the DVD and think “yeah, i did that, that’s me all on my own, tipping the hell out of that cow.”.

Download The App


In 2012 we will return with even more iOS app tutorials including the covering of a lot of the little bits in app development in a series of shorter tutorials to help you achieve results on the simpler things. Make sure you subscribe to use via RSS and follow us on Twitter for more.

Download The Xcode Project

You can download the Xcode Project for this tutorial to help you better understand the code and syntax.

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