iOS Icon Design: All Icon Sizes

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In the previous post we taught you how to get started designing your first iOS icon in Photoshop, we briefly looked at the various image sizes for the iPhone and iPad icons, but we only scraped the surface because iOS icons don’t stop there.

In this short post we’re going to detail all of the Icon sizes in a nice easy too read table, that way you can be a monster icon designer.

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iOS Icon Design: Preparing Photoshop


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In this series i want to cover the ins and outs of icon design. Although your app, it’s look and feature set are the most important things you shouldn’t let down the visual appeal of your app with a poor icon.

I’m a web designer by trade and i find myself judging things on aesthetics constantly and this includes iPhone apps. When i download an app to be displayed on my home screen i expect the same level of design as in the app, you won’t find a poor icon on my first page because of this.

I won’t go into too much details on Icon Guidelines just yet, i’ll leave this for the final post on this subject but it is important to ensure your icon looks as appealing your app its self, after all this is what entices people to open the app.

In this article we will cover the preparation for design within Photoshop. You can use any graphics program you wish to create your icons, some people choose Fireworks, some people choose Illustrator and some Photoshop. By preference i’ll use Photoshop CS5 for these tutorials.

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