Site: Xcode Project File Crisis (updated)

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Xcode Project File Image Featuring Kelly Brook

Happy Wednesday everyone, it’s nice to see you, to see you, yes it is. I thought i’d throw out an update to let everyone know about an issue i’m having and a request several people have put my way.

I’m not the kind of person to ignore emails, which is why i always respond to emails, even emails telling me about long lost african relatives. You’d be amazed at how many long long relatives i have in Africa, it’s crazy.

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We’re On Twitter @GetiOSing

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Hey guys, i wanted to throw a quick update out there informing you that we’re now a tweeter, or twitterer, or twat or whatever we’re supposed to call ourselves. Basically we’re on Twitter and we feel sort of lonely with our few followers so please help us.

Why Should I?

Well you should because i effectively begged you to follow us, a grown man who begs is a desperate man indeed. I’ve spent many hours begging to people and they always say yes eventually so you should too. In fact come to think of it, everyone but Megan Fox succumbed to my begging powers.

There are other reasons too, so i’ll list them, in a list, like the list below, which is the list I’m listing. List away!

  • We’ll post updates when new posts are up
  • We’ll post links to other cool articles and resources
  • All announcements will go on Twitter
  • We want to know what you think, so you can chat to us through Twitter
  • A selection of our giveaways will run through Twitter, so you gotta be in it to win it
  • We’ll show the love back, and follow you
  • We’ll be forever grateful

Why Twitter?

The question should be why not Twitter, but because it’s not… – Twitter is a great place for authors to get in touch with their visitors, it gives us a point of contact for our collective fan base so we can post announcements and updates directly at the people who care. Plus when we do something wrong the fans have a direct point of contact back to us.

With this said, Facebook offers the same two sides communication which is why we’ll be throwing some effort into a Facebook page.


Follow us now, let us know what you think of the website and feel free to give us pointers.

A Nice Warm Welcome, Hug and Cup of Tea

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I’d like to start off by saying thank you, just thank you for stopping by and saying “Hi!” on this, a brand new iOS Development website. My name is John Slater and it’s nice to meet you [Insert Your Name Here], i’m a Web Designer and Web Developer by profession but i took a very keen interest in iOS Development back in early 2010 and i’ve been learning bits and bats all over the place and even putting together some apps of my own.

As a beginner i know how difficult it was to find some consistent and easy to understand tutorials which is what inspired me to put together my own website with tutorials written by someone who is somewhat of a noob. I guess what i mean is that i don’t claim to be a professional iOS Developer, it’s just something that interests me and i suspect over the duration of this website i’ll pick up new skills and techniques, like the readers, which i will inevitably pass down.

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Stick Tight, Coming Soon!

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Hey Guys, soon you will find a place to learn iOS development in the most basic form possible. As a beginner at iOS development not so long ago i wanted to share what i’ve learnt in the hopes that we can open up development for anyone.

The aim here is to post tutorials, information on getting apps accepted, marketing apps and my own person experiences and tips in a way that anyone with basic programming knowledge can understand. Starting with the post basic tutorials i can come up with, working up to much harder stuff.

We’ll be opening the door to interviews with other developers as well as hoping we can encourage other developers to write for us. Meanwhile keep checking back, the site will be done in no time… well as soon as i figure out this wordpress lark!