Making a Jingle Bells App


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Once again i lured our male readership in this with promise of free sexy ladies and i can’t help but wonder how many times you will fall for this before you realise we are not an escort service and these women are way out of your league.

Anyway moving on, we’ve done it. We set out to create a Jingle Bells app and it is now complete, so i thought i would briefly collect all of the links together for all 6 parts of the tutorial and publish one final post in the series with links to each part.

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Making a Jingle Bells App – Download The App

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As you may already know we are currently running a series of tutorials for creating your very own Jingle Bells iOS app. The app is simple, you shake the device and it makes a jingling noise, the idea is so simple i thought there is no way Apple would ever accept the app into the App Store.

Well as it turns out they are not too fussed by the apps lack of functionality and simplicity and have accepted the app for download.

This has one massive advantage, this being that you can actually download and try out the app you will be making in the series of tutorials and once you have created your app you can be assured that you too can have your very own Jingle Bells app accepted into the iTunes App store.

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